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Europan 13 Jyväskylä Kortepohja

Nimimerkki: New Kids on the Blocks

Kortepohja is a mixture of rigid straight-lined buildings and lush greenery with wild topography. The new elements in urban structure follow suit: buildings are situated rectangulary and greenery runs wild, connecting Kypärämäki and Tuomijärvi green areas through competition area. New urban focus points are created and at the same time the relaxed openess and the flow of space are maintained. Inspiration and principles are also found from the DOCOMOMO listed blocks in Kortepohja.

New Kortepohja square emphasises Kortepohja’s position as a regional centre by creating a clear urban focal point for the area. New types of active urban places are introduced. Supermarket is situated on an illuminated hybrid building containing commercial space and parking. Half of the parking is situated under a deck bordering Kortepohja Square.

Old student buildings are replaced with medium scale housing and student apartments are organized in resilient units. Building volumes lower down and the social intensity rises towards the middle of the new student village.

A long housing block, ’Carved Block’, is placed directly on the Kortepohja square. The rich variety of outdoor and common spaces and proximity of services makes the block very suitable for senior citizens and also families.

Adaptable ’Flexi Houses’ are situated on the decks connecting Kortepohja Square and Sloping Park. Spatial changes can be made very easily by closing and opening doors and building or turning down only one wall.